Ashanti: Nelly inspired ‘Braveheart’ single


    Ashanti’s admitting that she let her ex-boyfriend Nelly in on some of the creative for her new album Braveheart.

    One of the singles from the album, which was released earlier today, is a track called “Never Should Have.” When Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” asked if Nelly was the inspiration behind the song, she didn’t shy away from answering the question. She even said he knew when she was recording it and that they had discussed the song and situations behind it before she hit the studio!

    “When I wrote the record it was talking about things that happened between us. When I was singing the record, me and him were actually Skyping, so we were cool and we were talking about it” Ashanti shared. “I guess it’s kind of weird how things came together. He loves that record, though, to be honest.”

    Ashanti didn’t go into detail about what incidents she was specifically singing about, but she did acknowledge that her relationship with Nelly had suffered some major blows. Counterintuitive to what many assume in a breakup, the singer admitted that it was not all his fault.

    “We both definitely made mistakes in a lot of things. What I will say is that things do come full circle. It was both people,” Ashanti said, sharing her opinion of her former beau. “Nelly is a really good person. He has a really, really good heart.”

    Knowing Nelly the way she does, Ashanti explained that she wasn’t really surprised to see how quickly Nelly bounced back, stating, “I’m very smart and I know him, and I knew what the facade was.”

    Ashanti didn’t exactly hop right into a relationship when things with Nelly were over. That’s not for lack of options! The singer shared that she had a lot of suitors to choose from when she went back on the market. “Being single it was kind of surprising to see who came after it,” Ashanti said, “pun intended.”

    Still, the major question on everyone’s minds was whether there was any truth to the reports that she and Nelly hooked up over Super Bowl weekend this year. Sadly, she remained coy about the state of their relationship, “I will say that there was a space where it was bad. Are we cool [now]? Yeah!”

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