Daily Buzz 3.4.14: NeNe Leakes joins ‘Dancing With the Stars’

    Fan throws wig at Beyoncé

    It’s dangerous on stage for a diva! At least it is for Beyonce! The singer was performing “XO” as she walked through the crowd, when a member of the Beyhive launched a wig at the singer! Like a true professional, Bey played it off in the most hilarious way possible by singing “You got me snatchin wigs, snatchin’ wigs!”

    This is just the latest on-stage incident for Bey, who has been slapped on the butt and nearly yanked off stage by overly excited fans. That’s saying nothing of the time her own weave got caught in her diva fan. Check out how Beyone handlded the most concert blooper below!

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