DaBrat: I can’t afford $6.4 million verdict


    DaBrat is gobsmacked by the amount that she has been ordered to pay the victim in her 2007 assault case. Especially since she doesn’t have the money.

    Shayla Stevens probably shouldn’t be expecting a $6.4 million check from DaBrat in the mail anytime soon. The rapper was ordered to pay the hefty amount in two different decisions from the jury: $3.7 million to pay for Shayla’s physical and financial injuries and another $2.7 million as punishment for smashing a bottle in Shayla’s face during their fight.

    DaBrat’s not taking the ruling well, but it’s not because she thought she shouldn’t have to pay Shayla. “I was baffled,” DaBrat said of the decision. “I knew she was entitled to something, but $6.4 million? Hell no! She gotta stand in line.”

    Not only was DaBrat shocked by the staggering amount she’s been ordered to pay, but she has no idea how she’ll even begin to pay it off. She explained to Hip-Hop Enquirer that she doesn’t have that much money on hand, and she hinted that she may not be earning any income right now.

    “Like I said in court, I shouldn’t have done what I did. It was wrong, and the girl deserved some compensation. But $6.4 million?” DaBrat said. “I don’t know where anybody’s gonna get that from. …You can’t squeeze water from a turnip.”

    She added, “When I start getting it, they’ll get some.”

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