Draya talks Sundy Carter fight, Orlando cheating rumors

    Malaysia_Draya_BrandiDraya Michele recently dished on her fight with Sundy Carter and the rumors that her boyfriend cheated with co-star Jackie Christie’s daughter.

    “Orlando is not in trouble,” Draya recently clarified to “Access Hollywood,” before refuting the gossip that her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick was dating her and Chantel Christie at the same time.

    “I definitely got to the bottom of it,” she said. “They had words through text and then they didn’t see each other yet. When they saw each other in person, my man said, ‘Oh, no, no.’ Had she been better looking? Sure. We weren’t together when this whole thing happened. They’re just trying to make the timeline fit, so that it upsets me. I really didn’t get too upset about it. I really didn’t lose too much sleep over it.”

    According to Draya, she and Orlando just recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary. The former stripper has already declared that she’s heading toward marriage and has matured since season 1 of “Basketball Wives: LA.”

    However, she said certain co-stars seem to be having a hard time getting over her past.

    “I would like to be appreciated for my growth,” she told Arsenio Hall. “There’s a different Draya now.”

    Her relationship status isn’t the only thing that’s changed about Draya. She’s also less likely to let things slide off her back, and she said newcomer Sundy Carter found that out the hard way.

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