K.Michelle’s reality show debut set


    VH1 has finally set an ETA for K.Michelle’s “Love & Hip Hop” spin-off, but we’re still months off from the premiere.

    The network has announced that K.Michelle’s show, which still doesn’t have an official title, will be debuting as early as this summer. The series will follow the “V.S.O.P.” siren as she navigates her new life in New York. That means balancing working in the studio and promoting her album with the challenges of motherhood and building new friendships. Since there’s always room for love, viewers may want to expect to see some romance, too!

    If anyone’s been following K.Michelle’s adventures on Instagram, then you’ll know that she’s become close with Elle Varner. K.Michelle even hinted that Elle might pop up on her spin-off for a cameo or two.

    A hit album, good friends, cute suitors–it seems as though K.Michelle might just be closing in on the dream of having it all! Of course, no reality show is complete without at least a little drama, so the network hints that K.Michelle’s world may not be as perfect as it will first appear in the premiere.

    One thing that VH1 didn’t even attempt to play up are any explosive moments. K.Michelle might still have a sharp tongue, but the only fighting that K.Michelle’s going to be doing on her show is the battle to broaden her brand.

    Will K.Michelle be able to carry her own show? VH1 viewers can determine that for themselves later this year!

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