PHOTO: Stevie J’s nose covered in powder?


    Joseline’s fans are harping on rumors of Stevie J’s drug use after an unfortunate Instagram post.

    “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” haters have always joked about their suspicion that Stevie snorts cocaine, but before it was just a running gag among detractors. No one’s ever spotted him with drugs. However, a new picture that Joseline put on her Instagram page gave Stevie’s detractors plenty of ammo for the assumptions.

    The shot of the couple shows the pair on their way to appearance. Joseline is in the center of the picture, and Stevie J is on the edge of the frame in profile. The snapshot is captioned “#MeNMyBestFriend,” but all anyone seems to be focusing on is Stevie’s nose because there’s something white on one of his nostrils.

    However, it’s not clear whether what we’re seeing in the picture is actually white powder on Stevie’s nose or just a glare from the camera’s flash. Neither Stevie J nor Joseline have spoken out about this time.

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