Amina Buddafly wants a girl


    Life has been pretty good for Amina Buddafly since the end of “Love & Hip Hop” season 4, and she’s looking forward to being a mom!

    The “I Don’t Wanna Be Right” singer, who is about four months along in her pregnancy, hasn’t found out the sex of her baby just yet . She had a very clear preference for what she wants, though!

    “I definitely would want a girl, if I could control that,” Amina told Sister 2 Sister with a laugh. “Either way, I’m going to be happy, but I’ve always wanted a girl.”

    Amina revealed her pregnancy during the season 4 reunion of “Love & Hip Hop,” when she pulled a pregnancy test out of her bra and slapped beau Peter Gunz with the good news. While Peter was pretty shaken by the announcement at first, which he discussed with his ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace on the show, Amina said he can’t wait for the new bundle of joy.

    “He’s definitely there and supportive and excited,” Amina shared. “That makes me feel good!”

    The siren won’t have to wait much longer to find out what she’s having, but for now she’s basking in the success of her latest release. Her EP I Am Part 2 saw a huge bump in sales following the “Love & Hip Hop” season 4 reunion.

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