Malaysia explains Draya, Sundy confrontation

    MalaysiaPargoShe might be a tad biased, but “Basketball Wives: LA” star Malaysia Pargo offered her version of events that led to a recent verbal confrontation between Draya Michele and Sundy Carter.

    “Draya just was like…I need to ask [Sundy] what’s her problem. ‘Why are you talking about me so crazy in all these interviews? I did nothing to you. I didn’t even know you. We met briefly. So, what is your problem with me?’” Malaysia recalled.

    Sundy and Draya’s animated exchange during a recent Oscar weekend soiree was caught on camera. Luckily, the two did not get physical.

    Malaysia, often considered the peacemaker, told that she took it upon herself to make sure things between the women didn’t get too out of hand.

    “I wanted to make sure ‘Basketball Wives’ already have a bad stigma…I wanted to make sure they were both adults and were able to use their words and say what they had to say. They got their point across. They both walked away and it worked out peaceably,” Malaysia said. “They said what they had to say and they walked away from it.”

    However, Malaysia’s not too confident things will go so smoothly in the future. Watch.

    Get a preview of Monday’s all-new episode.

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