Marlo thinks friendship with NeNe can be saved

    NeNeLeakes-MarloHamptonNeNe Leakes has made it clear that she has no interest in mending her broken relationships with Kenya Moore or Marlo Hampton, but Marlo thinks there’s still hope.

    “It’s definitely possible,” Marlo told when asked if she and NeNe could patch things up. “Where I’m sitting right now in this chair, that’s the last person on my mind.”

    Marlo, who apparently offended NeNe by becoming friendly with Kenya, said the “Dancing With the Stars” contestant doesn’t know how to be good friend.

    “NeNe does better with mimes as friends,” Marlo said. “It’s okay as long as you’re praising her and being her cheerleader, but as soon as you go to disagree, it’s a problem.”

    Marlo told Sister 2 Sister that she was confused by NeNe’s reaction to her friendship with Kenya. Though she and Kenya don’t have the same strong relationship Marlo once had with NeNe, Marlo said she’s not going to kick Kenya to the curb for NeNe’s sake.

    “I’m real and not going to sugarcoat something just so she can feel happy,” said Marlo who thinks NeNe’s apparent desire for the spotlight will be an asset when it comes to “DWTS.”

    “I hope she does good. I’m proud of her. She loves being the center of attention, so she should do great,” said Marlo. “As long as she has cheerleaders on the side, she will shine.”

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