Daily Buzz 3.10.14: Phaedra Parks doesn’t trust Apollo Nida?

    Phaedra Parks doesn’t trust Apollo Nida?


    Phaedra Parks isn’t feeling Apollo Nida re-enacting “Drunk In Love”–especially if he’s going to be around Kenya Moore. The couple agreed to go on Kenya’s cast trip to Mexico, but Phaedra wasn’t sure she’d bring Apollo along at first.

    “I don’t know if it’s the best idea,” Phaedra told Apollo on that latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Phaedra pointed to Apollo and Kenya’s very obvious flirtation on the beauty queen’s first cast adventure as her reason for concern. “After you and her last year in the pool and all the foolishness … Somebody bound to get killed this year.”

    Revealing that she originally intended to bring Dwight Eubanks, Phaedra explained that she has her doubts about Apollo’s ability to make good decisions when he’s drunk. “When you get to drinking tequila…” Phaedra said before trailing off, shifting responsibility and blame to Kenya. “Her intentions are different from yours. Anytime she’s around there seems to be something happening that’s all bad and not all good.”

    Previews of next week’s “RHOA” seem to tease that she had solid cause for concern because Kenya and Apollo seem to be getting a little too friendly in Mexico.

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