Malaysia blaming Jackie for ‘BBW:LA’ division?

    Malaysia_PargoThere’s a clear division among the “Basketball Wives: LA” cast and Malaysia Pargo hinted that it might be Jackie Christie’s fault that the newbies are on one team while she, Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell are on another.

    According to Malaysia, Jackie brought her friends Brittish Williams and Sundy Carter onto the show without really giving the returning cast members a heads up.

    “She kinda brought them in on the sneak tip and not really introducing us,” Malaysia told Sister 2 Sister. “Just bringing them and us into the same environment and not really having the proper [introduction]. It was just kinda like, ‘Hey, we’re going to do this event and by the way, there’s a random girl sitting here.’”

    Malaysia explained that she would have preferred it if Jackie formally introduced the newcomers. “I would rather her…when she invited me to a place, say, ‘Hey, I’m going to invite my friend Joe Blow and she is a nice girl and I think you guys will get along’ and actually introduce me when I walk into the room instead of making me kinda figure out who they are.”

    Malaysia said the situation was made worse because Brittish and Sundy seemed to have already formed opinions about her and Draya. That was the impression many viewers were left with, too, when Brittish asked Draya if she was a whore shortly after the two first met.

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