Kenya defends marriage commentary, slams Phaedra

    KenyaMoore2_FPSSAlthough she’s single, Kenya Moore disagrees with those who suggest she has no business commenting on marriages and asserts that she could have a man, too, if she looked for one the same place Phaedra Parks did.

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been very vocal about her cast mates’ unions, commenting on the relationships of just about every woman who’s been on the show, including guests like singer Christopher Williams and his wife Natalie.

    In a recent episode, Kenya chimed in when Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas began to question Porsha Williams about her split from husband Kordell Stewart.

    Porsha explained that while married she wanted to help Kordell improve his image and get over past hurt, but Kenya and Peter interpreted her words as another suggestion that maybe Kordell prefers the company of men.

    “You married him because you were being a beard,” said Kenya. “I don’t care about Kordell’s sexuality any more than I care about their marriage.  But I do care about the truth.  I’m not sure how one ‘slays mud’ as Porsha said, but that damage was already done in the beginning of her divorce by calling Kordell 50 different gay queens.”

    Phaedra, during a confessional, advised Kenya to keep her comments to herself.

    “Whatever happened between Kordell and Porsha, it is nobody’s business, especially not manless Kenya’s,” Phaedra said. “Kenya would be willing to sport a beard, a goatee, hair on her legs, hair anyway she could get it if she could land a man.”

    Though she has never tied the knot, Kenya said she has every right to add her input on conversations about marriage.

    “I love it when people criticize me for inquiring or commenting on someone’s marriage when I’m not married. Well, I don’t have to smoke crack to know that crack kills; I don’t have to jump off a bridge to know that I can drown; and I don’t have to marry someone for the sake of being in a bad marriage so that I can say I’m someone’s wife,” Kenya wrote in her most recent blog.

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