Kenya defends marriage commentary, slams Phaedra

    KenyaMoorePorsha isn’t the only “RHOA” cast member to go through marital struggles. Problems in Cynthia and Peter’s marriage have been well documented; NeNe and Gregg Leakes have a divorce under their belt and Phaedra’s so concerned about her husband’s flirtatious behavior that she almost didn’t invite him on the cast trip.

    “Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’d rather be unmarried or in a loving relationship than be in an arranged marriage or with someone who acts as though they can’t stand me half the time,” wrote Kenya who was in a shaky relationship during season 5 of the show.

    Kenya took specific issue with Phaedra’s comments since Apollo has accused Kenya of inappropriately propositioning him.

    “Phaedra’s immature name-calling is as tired as her blaming me for Apollo’s whorish ways. She has unjustly targeted me for her miserable marriage and unfaithful husband often calling me ‘manless.’ Taking a page from her playbook, any woman can get a man, all they have to do is visit a prison yard and get pregnant. I’m not the other woman for her to hate,” Kenya wrote. “We all see who Apollo really is. Unfortunately, I don’t think she is capable of the truth or interested in facts, just slander.”

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