Kordell Stewart calls Porsha Williams ‘disrespectful’


    Kordell Stewart had a lot of grievances with Porsha Williams and her family before he ended their marriage.

    Porsha’s been crying about her failed marriage to Kordell all season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” This week, Peter Thomas gave him a chance to lament about the problems in their brief union. According to the former NFL player, they didn’t exactly have a picture-perfect marriage.

    First of all, Kordell was upset about the fact that he never felt like his marriage was between him, Porsha and God. In his opinion, her family got way too involved in their relationship, and he even blames them for planting some seeds of discord.

    “It’s mom [in] the background shoo-shooing because of things that may have happened in her past, which created forms of insecurities,” Kordell said, telling Peter that there was virtually no way to have Porsha to himself. “When it came to her family, she was all in. They came in packs–six to 12 of them at one time!”

    Despite Porsha’s claims that he wouldn’t let any of her friends or family come over their house, Kordell argued that Porsha allowed her family to get way too comfortable in his home. “Prime example, the mama sitting in my master bedroom one time on my cream chairs watching TV,” Korell said, “and I ain’t home, eating a large pepperoni pizza.”

    He added, “I don’t feel like I’m in my house.”

    When he was home, Kordell made it seem as though Porsha practically had one foot out of the door months before they ever split up. “She’s so disrespectful,” he said. “I did nothing but try to help the girl. She’d leave for five to 10 days at a time–just gone because she’s mad! And guess where she goes…she goes to her mama’s house.”

    Speaking of the divorce, Kordell also shot down allegations that Porsha found out about it Twitter. “That’s a lie,” Kordell flatly told Peter, adding that the divorce was Porsha’s idea. “She asked me to file for divorce three months in advance on a consistent basis. She saw it on Twitter, but she knew it was coming. It was a matter of time.”

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