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    BTS: Beyonce ‘Partition,’ ‘Grown Woman’ and ‘Flawless’

    Music video director Jake Nava is reflecting on his history of working with Beyonce while taking you behind the scenes of some of her latest videos.

    “I think that Beyonce’s always got a really good instinct of how she wants to have herself presented–and now more than ever,” Jake said, adding that her sexy image is no accident. “Although she’s famous for becoming a mom recently, that doesn’t stop you from being the sexiest woman you can be.”

    Speaking specifically about the visual for “Partition,” Jake revealed that Bey really wanted to push the envelope. “Beyonce was seeking to be even more risque than she’d been in the past,” Jake explained. “The fact that Jay-Z was in the video was really exciting. She wanted to kind of make it feel seductive.”

    Despite her sultry image, Jake has even more respect for her as a performer, and he shared that he’s always been blown away by her creative, drive and passion for music. “She’s still clearly one of the most interesting, talented artists in the world,” Jake said. “No matter what idea I might bring to the party, she steps up with as much, if not more, in terms of what she brings to it.”

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