Kandi Burruss gets wedding spin-off

    Was Mama Joyce a gold digger?!

    Kandi doesn’t need any man to take care of her. She’s got more than enough money of her own, so she’s mainly interested in what a man can do for her emotionally. The “RHOA” star told Jet that this is way different than the way her mother viewed relationships.

    “When my mother was younger it was all about getting a man to be a provider,” Kandi revealed to Jet. “She leans toward a man who is financially more well-off than the dude who is just a good guy.”

    Apparently, Mama Joyce also tried to get Kandi to follow suit when picking her own men. The times when she nabbed a guy with more money, Mama Joyce urged her to stick with him as long as possible.

    Kandi recalled, “I’ve dated guys who are more successful than me, and my mom is like, ‘No matter what he does wrong, you have to work it out.’”

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