Malaysia talks keeping her cool with ‘ratchet’ co-stars

    Malaysia_PargoMalaysia Pargo admits that there’s some ratchetness on “Basketball Wives: LA,” but she said it’s not coming from her and her favorite cast mates.

    “When I grace the screen, there’s no ratchet going on. I can speak for three of us. I know that Brandi Maxiell and Draya Michele aren’t ratchet,” Malaysia recently told Black Hollywood Live’s “Reality Check.”

    The season 3 cast is clearly divided into two camps with Malaysia, Brandi and Draya one team and Jackie Christie on another with Brittish Williams and Sundy Carter.

    “We’re just flipping our hair and letting them be ratchet. We laugh. We flip our hair and we let them be ratchet,” she said. “They’re doing the whole ratchet ring-around-the-rosy.”

    While she prefers to laugh them off, Malaysia admitted that it’s sometimes hard to ignore her co-stars. On a recent episode, Malaysia engaged in a verbal altercation with Brittish.

    “I lose it a little bit sometimes. I do, but I try to stay under control. If you see me close my eyes and count to 10…I’m really trying. What I do is, I have to remember that they’re not worth it…They want a reaction,” said Malaysia who tries to remain positive on TV.

    The mom and wife said she is concerned about the images of Black women in the media, but she hopes viewers are taking responsibility of their own actions and not trying to imitate what they see on TV.

    “We are all in control of our own self. If you are out there giving negative energy, you should not judge all Black women as a whole. I feel like very woman should take control over her own self. Don’t allow me or NeNe [Leakes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”] to control what you’re going to do out in the street,” she said.

    Dealing with unpredictable personalities and having her personal life exposed are aspects of reality TV fame that Malaysia could do without, but she said there’s a lot of positive, too.

    “I do love the fact that the fans embrace me,” she said. “They’re comfortable enough to come up and talk to me.”

    Malaysia talks about her life before reality TV and how she and Laura Govan fixed their friendship. Watch.

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