Malik Yoba appears in ‘Afraid of Dark’ trailer


    Malik Yoba is speaking out in a new documentary that explores the fear of Black men and the stereotypes that encourage it.

    Filmmaker Mya B is getting ready to release a documentary about the stigma that Black men face with Afraid of Dark. Examining the two major stereotypical depictions of Black men (Mandigo and the Brute), Mya aims to debunk “scientific racism.”

    The film comes as the nation continues to ponder the impact of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law that saw Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis’ respective killers walk away virtually scot-free. Not to mention the murder of New Yorker Sean Bell, who was gunned down by police just hours before his wedding.

    “I wanted to analyze the damaging stereotypes of Black men which has led to them being murdered and criminalized,” she told Shadow And Act. “I also wanted Black men to receive their glory outside of all the bad things you hear in the media and profile the amazing Black men I know and who are in our communities. More importantly I wanted people to never forget those Black youth and men who never got justice in death by honoring them in the film to keep them alive in our memories.”

    Mya spoke with members of her family and many different men in the Black community, including Dr. Cornel West and Malik. In her conversations with them, she hoped to highlight good things about Black men. Check out the trailer for Afraid of Dark below!

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