Phaedra Parks reps Xenadrine


    Phaedra Parks has added one more hustle to her already packed schedule with a new gig as a spokesperson for Xenadrine.

    Looks like this Southern Belle has another secret for staying in shape! reports that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has become the latest Bravo star to rep the diet pill. Phaedra’s former co-star Kim Zolciak has also been a brand ambassador for Xenadrine in the past.

    But the brand didn’t just pick Phaedra at random, she’s already a loyal customer. After delivering her new son Dylan (aka Mr. President) last May, Phaedra began Xenadrine to help tighten up her post-baby body.

    According to Phaedra, Xenadrine gave her the extra energy she needed to push through her workouts. Of course, we’re sure she included some time to use her Donkey Booty DVD in her fitness routine.

    As a woman wearing multiple hats, Xenadrine believes that Phaedra is “the epitome of today’s motivated, driven, and goal oriented entrepreneurial female.”

    Lawyer, author, reality star, mortician and mom–Phaedra does it all! But now she’s going to do a little more!

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