Did Kordell refuse to have a baby with Porsha to avoid alimony?

    PorshaStewartKordellStewart“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans likely remember that Kordell Stewart seemed less than eager to impregnate Porsha Williams despite her tearful pleas for the two to start a family of their own.

    Now that they have divorced and the settlement has reportedly left Porsha with nearly nothing, some are wondering whether Kordell’s apparent refusal to start a family with Porsha was a strategic move.

    Had Porsha actually had Kordell’s child, the reality star would likely have gotten a lot more than a Mercedes, her engagement ring and credit card debt out of the split.

    “She should have had a baby,” Wendy said to her studio audience. “I’m tired of saying that to women. I swear to you I was not going to include that in the story, but you’re my co-host and you’re in my head. She should have had a baby.”

    “Porsha, what happened?” asked Wendy who described her as “less than smart.”

    Is it possible Kordell purposely and strategically postponed having a child with Porsha to see how their marriage worked before making a move that would lead to lifelong payments? Fans may never know the answer to that question, but despite any motives during their union, Wendy concluded that the two must have been in love at some time. Why else would they have wed without a prenup?

    “At some particular point, he must have really thought that this marriage was going to work out, and he did it for real love,” she reasoned.

    Though Porsha and Kordell never had a child together, the “Flatline” singer did share with “RHOA” viewers that she suffered a miscarriage during their marriage.

    Wendy said her staff confirmed reports that Porsha is receiving no alimony and no house from Kordell who is reportedly worth $22 million.

    Watch Wendy’s commentary below.

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