Wendy Williams talks weight, addiction

Wendy_Williams photo courtesy of FacebookWendy Williams has embraced her stature these days, but it wasn’t always easy for the talk-show host to love her look.

“I was the odd ball in my family,” she said on Centric TV’s “Being.” “Nobody in my family is overweight and here I come.”

Wendy said her parents and siblings were more concerned about her weight than she. It didn’t help that she was also very tall for her age as a child.

“I was on a diet from 1st grade on. When I was an adolescent, they would weigh me every morning,” said Wendy who didn’t think it was necessary then; although, she now believes it may have benefited her.

“When I look back at pictures, I wasn’t fat, but if they never gave me the business, maybe I would be today,” said Wendy who feels “skinny” and “attractive” today at 49.

While struggling with her weight, it’s no wonder that Wendy found comfort behind the mask of radio. However, the late-night, lonely shifts also helped her hide a growing drug problem.

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