Kenya feeling vindicated after Apollo confrontation?

    KenyaMoorePhaedra Parks may be salty about it, but it seems Kenya Moore is pleased with the outcome of her one-on-one pow wow with Apollo Nida.

    “I wanted closure and to move on. I can’t do that without a conversation,” Kenya reasoned in her most recent blog. “We have never had that and Phaedra deserved to know the truth as well.”

    Apollo implied and reiterated that Kenya met him secretly while the two were in L.A. and that something inappropriate transpired between the two. However, Kenya maintains that other than responding to Apollo’s cell phone missives, she’s done nothing wrong.

    “I am guilty of one thing and that is responding to Apollo’s friendly texts. I have wholeheartedly apologized as it was inappropriate,” wrote Kenya.

    Many “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans also thought it was inappropriate for Kenya to pull Apollo away from the fellas during the cast trip to Mexico for a private conversation, especially since Phaedra was no where in the vicinity.

    However, Kenya’s stylist/friend Miss Lawrence defended his friend’s decision to confront Apollo despite the couple’s issues with Kenya.

    “If someone has been slandering your name and you know that everything is false that they’re saying, would you not want to pull them aside yourself one-on-one and talk to them and find out what’s the tea?” Miss Lawrence asked.

    Though Apollo is the one who spread the apparent lies about Kenya, the former Miss USA holds Phaedra partly responsible, too.

    “It was Phaedra who decided to go on a national platform and recite Apollo’s lies without ever speaking to me and fact-finding. So not only did he try to hurt me but she willingly participated,” Kenya wrote.

    Apollo fell short of admitting that the story about him and Kenya in L.A. was a flat-out lie, but Kenya teased that “RHOA” fans haven’t seen everything yet.

    “Liars never win and karma is a b!tc#. Stay tuned for the conclusion next week,” she wrote.

    Phaedra is more than a little upset about Apollo’s “alone time” with Kenya. Watch.

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