Towanda and Tamar Braxton patch things up

    Towanda Braxton and her baby sister Tamar Braxton are back on good terms after a familial clash.

    Hooray for sisterly love!

    Despite her recent comments about Vincent Herbert’s tax lien, Towanda revealed that she and Tamar have patched things up. However, she doesn’t think that people should be particularly surprised that she and her sister had a disagreement.

    “Me and my sisters argue…because its so real and it’s never finished,” Towanda told “Its like even though the camera says ‘Stop’, it still continues because we’re sisters and we’re family. So that’s the toughest thing.”

    No matter what was said, Tamar and Towanda have always stood by one another. Tamar even shut down some of her own fans for making some out-of-line comments about her sister’s kids. The sisters might snipe, but Towanda said that love always brings them back together.

    “Oh, we’re good!” Towanda stated. “You know everybody has their seasons of not speaking or being angry at people or with each other so that wasn’t our particular ‘season.’ But we love each other deeply and even though we fight hard, we love harder.”

    Although some have accused Towanda of being jealous of Tamar’s success and wealth, she’s far more focused on growing her business The Secret Squirrel. Towanda’s organization trains professional personal assistants to work with high-profile clients and even refers them to jobs.

    “I’m having another intake. Most of my squirrels are placed so I’m just really blessed and thankful that everybody was supporting me,” Towanda beamed. “I’m just really excited about the company, really excited.”

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