Lil Mo planning to marry new, younger boyfriend

    LilMoLil Mo admits she wasn’t being completely honest with fans who tuned into “R&B Divas: LA” believing she was happily married.

    “There was a certain image I wanted to maintain and that’s the face of family because I believe in that,” Lil Mo recently told Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 radio station. “The image that I put out there, I’ll maintain it until the season is over.”

    Lil Mo, is now dating Philly native Karl Dargan who is almost seven years her junior. The “R&B Divas” star announced her new romance via social media one Man Crush Monday.

    Mo didn’t go into detail about how or when she and Karl met, but he assured concerned fans that their relationship is serious. “It’s real,” he said.

    Mo, who proudly proclaims her Christianity, has received some criticism for splitting from her husband, but she’s not concerned about what others say, especially not what’s said via Instagram or Twitter.

    “I’m not one that always succumbs to the opinions of others. I don’t care what people think about me…,” she said. “People be saying stuff and they think I’m not going to say nothing… You not going to come on my page talking crazy.”

    Though the relationship is relatively new by all recent accounts, Lil Mo said she and Karl are already talking about marriage.

    “I’m like the hood Kim Kardashian and the ratchet Elizabeth Taylor. I’ll get married 10 times because I always believe in love. I’m not going to just be his girl; we’re going to get married,” she said.

    Fans will likely learn more about Mo’s new romance when “R&B Divas: LA” returns.

    What’s Karl have to say about the marriage plans? Watch.

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