Keyshia Cole dodges divorce questions


    Keyshia Cole wouldn’t give direct answers about the status of her marriage when she dropped by “The Breakfast Club” radio show recently.

    The singer looked sleek when she visited the Power 105.1 to debut her new single “Rick James,” which chronicles a woman getting fed up with a man’s cheating ways. Since she’s been grappling with rumors of divorce from Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, the hosts wanted to know where things stand between the singer and her husband.

    Keyshia waffled with a non-answer as she tried to bring the focus back to her upcoming sixth album. “I just, you know what I mean, I just wanna put my music out. And just you know, sit in my own craziness. You know what I’m saying? And just chill out for a minute,” Keyshia said. “Like I don’t really know what I wanna do right now. I don’t want to talk about it…I don’t really want go into it…

    She later, added, “We co-parent. He’s a great father though.”

    It was rumored that Daniel had been cheating on her with a stripper, and she lashed out at one exotic dancer online earlier this year. When asked why she would even entertain the heckler on social media, Keyshia said, “I don’t want nothing to do with that, at all. Yeah, I’m good.”

    Keyshia wouldn’t confirm whether Daniel had cheated, but she shared that she thought he would always remain faithful to her. Many professional athletes cheat on their wives, but the singer believes that Boobie could avoid the constant temptation of other women throwing themselves at him

    “I really did. I believed in that,” Keyshia said. “And on top of that, we just had so much of a great relationship. I felt like, I felt like it wouldn’t be possible.”

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