Date Night With Harold House Moore

    HOUSE MOOREHarold House Moore has made fast fans with his bedroom eyes and breakout role on VH1’s “Single Ladies.” The behavioral therapist and life coach turned actor/model said he has some things in common with his character, such as ambition, intelligence and their luck with women, but he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve like Terrence.

    Harold refuted rumors that he and co-star LisaRaye McCoy have been romantic, but that’s not to suggest he’s not looking for love. He’s got a plan for finding a good woman. He describes a date with him as “amazing.” Find out why below.

    Harold talks more about his dating likes and dislikes in the April 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister. Get a peek below.

    S2S: Pick her up or meet her there?
    Harold: Pick her up.

    S2S: Greet with a kiss or a hug?
    Harold: If you play your cards right I might have my shirt off by dinner time.

    S2S: How would you dress?
    Harold: I would probably throw on some jeans, a nice T-shirt, nice kicks and a hat. But if we were going out I would throw on some nice gear, some Michael Kors or Varvatos…

    S2S: With your modeling background are you critiquing her style?
    Harold: No. If you can’t be yourself and have people appreciate you for that then you don’t need to be with them. I don’t judge people. I’ve been judged a lot in my life, so I kind of pride myself on letting people be who they are.

    S2S: While you’re hanging out in the kitchen what are you trying to learn about her?
    Harold: I was in a serious relationship where I tried to date a woman who had a previous [abusive relationship]. By me having a background working with families and kids I thought I could come in and be the ultimate stepfather. My heart went out to her because my mom was a victim of spousal abuse so I almost tried to rewrite my own history by trying to parent and be involved with the family. But the dysfunction was beyond me and that was the hardest part to accept. I had to step away and say some things are just out of your control, you’ve got to put it in God’s hands.

    S2S: So, now, you want to know her background before you get involved?
    Harold: You want to. At first, we overlook a lot of things because of the physical attraction or the financial attraction. And then wonder why we got problems.

    S2S: Will you pay for everything or should she offer to chip in?
    Harold: It’s not about you paying and being used. If you’ve got a man that’s successful then you don’t have to worry about that. You only have to worry about that when you’ve got a semi-bumb dude who ain’t got nothing.

    S2S: How long after the date do you follow-up with a call or text?
    Harold: Same night. It’s never too quick of a time to make sure that somebody’s okay that you’ve spent time with.

    cover_April2014_WendyWilliamsIs being able to cook a requirement for Harold? Get more from him in the April 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.





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