Laz Alonso talks ‘Jumping the Broom’ sequel

    LazAlonsoLaz Alonso is ready and willing to reprise his starring role in another Jumping the Broom movie, but he’s still waiting to find out if the rumors of a sequel are true.

    “Sony has been very, very tight-lipped about this,” he told Sister 2 Sister. “The first I heard about the Jumping the Broom sequel was online on my Twitter feed.”

    After hearing the gossip, Laz said he reached out to Sony executive DeVon Franklin for the real story, but that didn’t result in any answers.

    “I reached out to him to ask him about it and he hasn’t responded,” he said. “I am hoping that his lack of response means that it is in fact true and that somebody in the media got a leak that the actors have not received yet.”

    Laz said he hopes the sequel will give moviegoers a chance to see how the story of Jason and Sabrina, played by Paula Patton, has evolved.

    “I would imagine that Part 2 would continue to take you on the journey of these two characters that you fell in love with in the first film, but I have het to hear any official confirmation that that is true. So, my fingers are crossed,” he said.

    Recent sequels, such as The Best Man Holiday, have proven that audiences will return to theaters for updates on their favorite characters’ lives, and Laz is hoping Jumping the Broom fans will get that opportunity.

    “Tyler Perry kinda shows that we are a bankable audience who will go out and support our films,” said Laz.

    While he waits to hear confirmation about the rumored sequel, Laz is busy promoting the P&G brand through its new “Try It & Love It” campaign. “The products I’m representing and talking about are products that I actually use on a day to day basis,” said the sex symbol. “I really do believe in these products.”

    Laz is also working on a new pilot for NBC titled “The Mysteries of Laura.” It offers a different spin on the police drama and co-stars Debra Messing.

    “Although it is under the drama umbrella, every two pages it’s a joke. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re having a lot of fun with the material,” he said.

    Get more on P&G’s Try It & Love It here.

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