Peter, Gregg beef leads to Cynthia, NeNe confrontation

    GreggNeNeCynthiaPeterGregg and NeNe Leakes may have irreparably damaged their friendships with Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas following a confrontation that started with Gregg and Peter and ended with NeNe calling Peter out of his name.

    “You need to stay out of women business. You are causing problems. You are the only husband…who gets involved in women’s business…You need to stop trying to roll with the women. You need to stay outta women’s business. You need to stop trying to be a damn b!tch,” NeNe told Peter on a recent “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode.

    The drama began weeks ago during Kenya Moore’s charity ball at which NeNe was the guest of honor. NeNe, not having received the invitation she felt was appropriate, arrived to the event with a bit of an attitude that she didn’t bother hiding.

    Peter, who disapproved of NeNe’s behavior, decided he and Cynthia should leave the party. Before the couple could exit, NeNe approached Peter and asked him why he was bothered. That led to an argument between Peter and NeNe, and weeks later in Mexico, Gregg decided to confront Peter about it. When NeNe joined the fellas’ vacation conversation, she advised Peter to stay out of women’s business and ended up calling him a b!tc#.

    “Friend or no friend, when you cross the line, you deserve a little check, too,” said NeNe who ironically expressed the sentiment many “RHOA” fans were feeling toward her. According to their social media reactions, many viewers felt Gregg and NeNe were the friends who needed to be checked since Peter only shared his disappointment with NeNe at Kenya’s event because NeNe asked. However, other fans agree with NeNe that Peter is too involved in the ladies’ drama.

    Either way, Cynthia said NeNe crossed a line by disrespecting her man.

    “There’s nothing that Gregg Leakes could ever do to make me say, ‘You a b!tc#, Gregg,’” Cynthia said. “I think it was completely disrespectful for NeNe to refer to you as a b!tc#.”

    While some viewers questioned why Cynthia didn’t jump in and defend her man, she and Peter said it wasn’t her place.

    “I don’t need my wife to fight for me, EVER!!” Peter tweeted. “My wife is a lady,she don’t talk like that,I am a big boy,these MF can’t f_ck with me,I got this.”

    “I could have said something,” said Cynthia who seemingly confronts NeNe about the argument in an upcoming episode.


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