Porsha talks slapping Kenya, plastic surgery, sex tapes

    Porsha_WilliamsPorsha Williams doesn’t think she’d ever hit a fellow housewife, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t fantasized about it.

    “I wouldn’t slap a housewife… I do think about it a lot,” Porsha told Bethanny Frankel, admitting that Kenya Moore would be the recipient of that violent act. “That’s probably why it takes me so long to comeback with a comebacks to them because I’m like, ‘I could really just slap you right now.’”

    Kenya most recently rubbed Porsha the wrong way when she latched onto the idea that Porsha was knowingly serving as a “beard” for her ex-husband, who some have accused of living a downlow lifestyle.

    While the two were married, Porsha said it was her duty to keep her and Kordell’s business out of the media.

    “Every marriage, your number one job is to try to make everybody think your marriage is good,” Porsha said on “Bethenny.” So, did the TV cameras ruin her union? “With the cameras around, it does magnify the situation,” she said.

    Porsha has previously admitted that she was exaggerating about her “picture perfect life” when she first joined the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Since then, she’s divorced her ex and reclaimed her maiden name, which is one of the few things she walked away from the marriage with.

    “I didn’t ask for anything,” clarified Porsha who said she only wanted Kordell Stewart to pay her medical expenses, which he did. “I have everything I need to be the woman I am right now.”

    Porsha talks about slapping Kenya.
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    Porsha talks about marriage.
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