Sundy Carter ready for round 2 with Draya Michele

    DrayaMicheleDraya Michele told “Basketball Wives: LA” fans that she wasn’t going to be taking some of the crap she’s taken from co-stars in previous seasons, and it seems Sundy Carter found that out the hard way.

    On a recent episode of the show, Sundy, apparently bothered by Draya’s expression and demeanor, taunted the series veteran, called her by her former stripper name and then accused her of being a poor mother.

    After practically daring her to attack, Draya did just that leaving Sundy with a black eye.

    Though the bout took place months ago, the two rehashed their beef via Twitter during the episode. Sundy claimed that there was more to the fight that viewers didn’t see and that she landed a few blows.

    “I gotta black eye but u got ya a$$ whooped twice!” wrote Sunday who invited Draya to meet her that night so they could continue where they left off.

    “No girl. I won’t come to your event tonight. Lol. Nice try to,” Draya replied.

    Some viewers blamed Jackie Christie for instigating the bout. When Draya called Sundy “ratchet” under her breath, it was Jackie who repeated it loudly so Sundy could hear it.

    Draya, who arrived late to their Palm Springs accommodations clearly buzzed, also blamed Sundy for encouraging Jackie to tell Draya about her man’s indiscretions in front of an audience.

    However, it was Sundy’s comments about Draya’s son that pushed her over the top.

    “Some things are worth standing up for…… The type of b!tc# who talks about another women’s son usually ends up with a black eye,” she wrote.

    Watch the bout below.

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