EXCLUSIVE: Apollo Nida speaks out on Phaedra Parks’ birthday speech

    Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida

    Apollo Nida is furious about the way his birthday speech to Phaedra Parks was cut on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

    “RHOA” fans were appalled by the speech that they saw Apollo give his wife on her birthday. A cursory look at the moment would make it seem as if he didn’t have much to say other than complimenting her mothering skills: “Thank you for having my children and goodnight.”

    Considering that Phaedra was already upset with him for having a private conversation with Kenya Moore, it didn’t look like a glowing birthday salute to his wife. Afterward, Apollo simply told one disgruntled viewer on Twitter that he was the victim of bad editing.

    When Sister 2 Sister Publisher Jamie Foster Brown caught up with him, though, Apollo gave a more complete idea of what he really said to Phaedra on her birthday. “My speech, it was whole-hearted,” Apollo told S2S. “I really do admire my wife.”

    Aside from thanking her for having his children, Apollo said that he showed her way more admiration and love. What fans didn’t get to see was Apollo telling Phaedra that she was “the most magnificent mother that a child could have” and that he believes he’s “really blessed that she is in [his] life.”

    It’s not as though producers didn’t have plenty of material to work with. Apollo argues that they had a long speech to sift through before finding the worst bits and putting them on “RHOA.”

    “When you’re looking at the edited version, it’s totally different than what the real thing is,” Apollo said. “Man, do you know I gave her a long speech? I gave her a 15 minute speech.”

    He added, “That’s what the TV show does. It makes me look like a damn a*shole.”

    Hopefully this won’t affect sale of his latest product. Find out what it is when you flip ahead!

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