Tina Campbell’s husband admits to more cheating

    There’s more to Teddy Campbell’s infidelity than Tina Campbell really knew, and he’s ready to come clean on the next episode of “Mary Mary.”

    So far, Tina knows that her husband has cheated on her, but she only thinks that it’s happened once. Unfortunately, that’s not true and the secrets that Teddy has continued to keep are weighing heavily on his heart.

    Teddy feels guilty about the fact that he hasn’t been completely honest with his wife about what he’s done. At first, he wanted to keep the full extent of his infidelity to himself, but he knows he can’t do that. “I didn’t want to tell her about all of the affairs that I’ve ever had,” he told Tina sister’s husband, Warryn Campbell.

    It sounds like he might have way more to tell “I need to tell Tina everything. I need to tell her it wasn’t just one affair that she knew about. There’s more,” Teddy said later in a confessional. “There’s countless affairs.”

    Teddy’s brother-in-law seems surprised by the revelations. “Hearing everything that Teddy’s telling me right now is actually scaring me because I don’t know how Tina’s going to react to that,” said Warryn, admitting that Teddy had fooled him too. “I thought he told Tina everything.”

    Find out what he tells her when “Mary Mary” airs tonight at 9 p.m. tonight on WE tv.

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