Husband’s love helped saved Mo’Nique’s life

    MoNiqueWhile some celebrities may drop the pounds to please movers and shakers in Hollywood, Mo’Nique said it was love that persuaded her to lose the weight.

    “It was really my husband who was the force behind the weight loss and the mental health,” Mo’Nique told Arsenio Hall before admitting that she was once 300 pounds.

    “One day he just said something and it clicked,” Mo’Nique explained. “I was being the sex kitten that I believe myself to be as I’m standing in the mirror and he said to me, ‘Mama, how much do you weigh?’ I said, ‘262 pounds’ and I said it so quick, but I knew it was a lie. I couldn’t bring myself to say 300. I just could not say those words out of my mouth, so I said 262…”

    Mo’Nique said her husband Sidney Hicks didn’t ask the question with judgment or malice. He asked with love and told her that he wanted them to have a long life together.

    “My husband looked at me and said, ‘Mama, that’s too much weight.’ At that moment, I went through embarrassment. I went through guilt. I went through shame, but I had never felt a love like that before. So, that night is when the decision was made: ‘I gotta save my life.’”

    Mo’Nique has shared parts of her weight-loss journey with fans, uploading photos of her workouts to social media.

    “For me, no tummy tuck, no staples, just good old core work. Now I still have 2 rolls:-), down from 3. Put it in!!!!!” she recently tweeted.

    As of March, Mo’Nique has reportedly lost more than 80 pounds.

    “I had to do it for my husband and my children and get out of my own way,” she recently told TV One.

    Watch Mo’Nique below.

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