Brittish Williams talks wives vs. girlfriends, Draya Michele

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    There’s been a lot of talk on reality shows recently about the difference between a wife and a longtime girlfriend. While some wouldn’t put them in the same category, others, like Brittish Williams, tend to clump them all together.

    “To me, I’m engaged to him and we’re getting married,” Brittish told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about her relationship with baller Lorenzo Gordon. “I feel like it doesn’t really matter. If it’s a fiancée, if it’s a girlfriend, we all experience the same things. We all experience him having to be on the road all the time. We experience the light on them because of what they do. There really should be no barriers as far as, ‘Oh, well, she’s a girlfriend, or she’s a wife but she’s a fiancée.’ No one’s better than the other one.”

    Brittish’s POV is similar to that of “Basketball Wives: LA” alumna Laura Govan who considered herself married to Gilbert Arenas after their years together.

    “We’re wives. You know, when you pay your dues, you are what you are. And at the end of the day, I don’t think a piece of paper justifies that,” Laura told in 2011. (She’s since shared that the two have exchanged vows.)

    Despite what Laura or Brittish think, there’s no denying that the law treats girlfriends and wives differently. Fans of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” were witnesses to how much that paper can make a difference when assumed sidepiece Amina Buddafly rose to main chick status by secretly marrying Peter Gunz while he was playing house with another woman. In the end, the wife ended up with the man.

    While Brittish doesn’t distinguish much between a girlfriend, fiancée or wife, she doesn’t seem too fond of women whose popularity is based on which celebrity they’ve slept with.

    “BBW:LA” co-star Draya Michele has stated that she’s no different than her co-stars were before they married, but Brittish isn’t so sure.

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