‘Marrying the Game’ season 3 in production


    Tiffney Cambridge and The Game are still working on their relationship as they prep for season 3 of “Marrying the Game.”

    The wedding is off, but the show must go on! The “Game’s Pain” rapper announced that he is back at work on his matrimonial reality show for VH1. “#MarryingTheGameSeason3 behind the scenes…. Interviews. 7 hours on this hard a*s chair !!!”

    Viewers can expect that Tiffney will be back, but this season will include special guests like LisaRaye McCoy and Khloe Kardashian. And Game’s assistant has joined the cast at least in the test interview phase. “#MarryingTheGameSeason3 behind the scene test interviews today wit @leauxsteez…..Her turn to get that numb ass from sitting in the chair for 5 hours,” The Game wrote on Instagram.

    His assistant confirmed that sitting in a chair and talking is much harder than it looks, writing on her Instagram, “This ain’t as easy as I thought….okay …. deep breath… On 3….Ready LeGo! #Marryingthegameseason3 #TestInterviews.”

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