NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey end friendship?

    NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey

    Cynthia Bailey nearly ended her friendship with NeNe Leakes on the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

    Cynthia and her husband Peter Thomas were still feeling a bit upset about the fact that NeNe repeatedly called him a “b*tch” at Kenya Moore’s masquerade ball. At the time, Cynthia didn’t get involved in the disagreement. She was a little more vocal when Gregg Leakes approached Peter about being disrespectful to NeNe in Mexico.

    Ever since the “RHOA” cast returned to Atlanta, tensions have still continued to simmer amongst the once close group of friends. “There’s nothing that Gregg Leakes could ever do to make me say, ‘You’re a b*tch, Gregg.'” Cynthia told Peter during a candid conversation, adding that she especially shocked that NeNe would insult Peter in front of her. “I think it was completely out of line and disrespectful and out of line for NeNe to refer to you as a b*tch.”

    The former supermodel was very hurt by what NeNe said, and Peter encouraged his wife to state that plainly because he didn’t feel that it was his place to speak up. “If I say something to [NeNe], then I might be buying into the reason why she said that to begin with,” he reasoned.

    Although Cynthia was hopeful that she and Peter could patch things up with NeNe and Gregg, she was prepared to walk away from the friendship if they couldn’t come to an understanding.

    “We should be able to talk to each other as friends and tell each other the truth,” said Cynthia. “Right is right and wrong is wrong. And in this situation, NeNe was wrong in that situation. I’d rather not be friends with them if they is going to be the case.”

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