Tiny talks Instagram beef, new spin-off


    Tiny doesn’t have time to regret firing back at online hecklers. She’s too busy thinking about her second VH1 spin-off!

    The “T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle” star told MadameNoir.com that she doesn’t feel the need to bite her tongue when people say offensive things to her on social media. This year, she’s gotten a lot of attention for leveling some harsh responses at those who try to taunt her with allegations that T.I. is cheating on her.

    When asked about her involvement in online beefs, she couldn’t recall a specific argument that she’s had online. That’s because she’s got a bunch of detractors to address.

    “I respond to a lot of things. I’m just one of those people– I’m not on there a lot, but when I am on there, if I see something I don’t like, I’m going to respond,” Tiny explained, adding that her fame will never hinder her fingers from typing out her thoughts.

    “I feel like I’m one of those people that I’m going to say what I feel,” Tiny said. “And if you’re going to say what you feel, then I got the right to say what I feel. It doesn’t matter that I’m a celebrity or whatever.”

    She knows that people will always have nasty things to say about her, so she tries not to let it bother her. However, anyone that attacks her kids should be warned that those comments will bring out a much nastier side of the reality star.

    “A lot of times when they say something about my kids I go nuts. I don’t really care what they say about me,” Tiny said, giving her haters fair warning. “I might check a person ’cause they said something about me just because I feel like I can but I really don’t give a sh*t, you know for real, for real. What I care about, though, is you talking about any of my kids.”

    With her social media behavior sufficiently examined, Madame Noir probed for some information about Tiny’s new “Family Hustle” spin-off with her friend Shekinah.”Well, we haven’t named it, but it’s going to be Tiny and Shekinah show,” said Tiny. “It’s an idea that I had to do something like ‘The Simple Life,’ like [Nicole Richie] and [Paris Hilton]. It’s going to be our version of that, so it’s going to be really fun.”

    Tiny mused that potential viewers are going to be in for some hilarious moments because they’ll be going on different adventures and trying out new things together. She’s even got a few specific ideas in mind. She mentioned that her fans won’t have to wait too long to see her hijinks with Shekinah, revealing, “We’re going to start shooting in the end of April.”

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