Daily Buzz 4.3.14: Aaliyah biopic casting begins?

    Bria Murphy joining Aaliyah biopic?
    There’s word that casting for a long-awaited Aaliyah biopic may be underway! RhymesWithSnitch.com reports that the producers for the prospective film have been searching for an actress to play the siren, and one celebrity kid is in the mix.

    Supposedly, Bria Murphy is trying out for the role of Aaliyah. The model has yet to say anything about a possible audition. Her parents Eddie and Nicole Murphy haven’t dropped any hints, either.

    Lamont Pete told S2S that producers are really looking for a fresh face for Aaliyah’s biopic, stating, “There were so many rumors about Ciara or Solange Knowle [playing Aaliyah], but this is one of those situations where we are going to see someone who we have never seen before.” He then pointed Drew Sidora as one possibility.

    This is the second time that casting rumors have circulated about the film, so time will tell if there is any truth to the chatter this time around.


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