Mariah Huq on ‘Married to Medicine’ 2: ‘The shade is real’

    Mariah_HuqAfter one season of “Married to Medicine,” Mariah Huq said she’s not so quick to judge reality shows in which women end up in physical altercations.

    “I always said what I wouldn’t do and then when I got on TV, things changed. It’s tough. They hit you in a place that you didn’t know existed when those cameras come on,” Mariah explained to The Purple Girl Show.

    “When those cameras come on, people get crazy and they get ratchet when the cameras go on. It’s tough. It’s really, really though. I seen that and I experienced this first season when it hit me in a place that I wasn’t prepared to deal with on TV, which was my kids. That was my Achilles Heel. I’m quick not to judge the other shows,” she said. “It’s hard, honey.”

    Fans of the show likely remember that Mariah, the creator of the Bravo series, ended up in a fight with co-star Toya Bush Harris during season 1. “Married to Medicine” returns Sunday at 9 p.m. EST, and Mariah said more drama is inevitable.

    “When you get a group of women together, the shade just comes naturally. The first episode had so much drama, it made me mad,” she said. “It’s very real. The shade is real.”

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    Judging by the show’s previews, the relationship between Mariah and her one-time BFF Quad Webb has become strained. Mariah seemingly accuses Quad of using her and Quad no longer seems interested in a friendship with the season 1 Queen Bee.

    Despite the conflict and drama, Mariah said she’s glad “Married to Medicine” is a show that features happy Black families.

    “The thing that sets us apart, though, and the thing I loved about ‘Married to Medicine’ is that you saw, young, Black families, successful families. Everybody had a degree. Everybody was married,” she said. “Yes, you saw us with the struggle. You may have even seen us put on our ratchet hat every once in a while, but it was young, successful, happy Black families and that’s beautiful.”

    Two new wives join the cast for season two: Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lisa Nicole Cloud.

    “I’m really excited,” said Mariah who worked for five years to get the show on air. “Our first season, we broke Bravo’s record for a new series…We had ups and we had downs, but it was real life for us. I feel blessed to even be embarking on a second season.”

    Listen to Mariah’s full interview with The Purple Girl Show here.

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