Tia Mowry-Hardrict wants ‘Sister, Sister’ movie


    Tia Mowry-Hardrict would absolutely love to work with her twin Tamera Mowry-Housley on a “Sister, Sister” movie!

    When OK! magazine caught up with Tia for the 20th anniversary of her classic sitcom, airing now on The Hub, the actress got really excited after the idea of a movie was brought up. She’s so gung-ho about the idea that she’s even come up with a plot line for a potential Sister, Sister movie follow-up.

    Last time “Sister, Sister” fans saw the twins playing Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, the characters were in college working towards their degrees. Tia was even considering an internship with the WNBA.

    If they ever got to revisit those roles, the “Instant Mom” star wants to examine how different the sisters’ lives have become in the years since “Sister, Sister” went off the air.

    “Oh, my gosh! I would love to do Tia and Tamera go to Paris or to see where are they now. Maybe one of them is married, one’s not, one of them’s extremely successful and the other one’s struggling and she has to help the one who’s struggling. One of them has a family, the other one doesn’t.”

    Admittedly, Tia was drawing some inspiration from another film based on a popular TV show for her potential Sister, Sister movie plot. “I’m a huge fan of the Sex & the City movies and I love the way they put the girls out of their comfort zone so I would love to see that,” Tia explained. “Tia and Tamera somewhere out of their comfort zone, whether that’s traveling abroad to Morocco or Paris or Italy. Something fun like that.”

    Acting runs in the Mowry family, but Tia isn’t in any rush to put her son Cree in front of the camera just yet. She’d rather let him make that decision for himself when he gets a bit older.

    “Um, no. It’s so funny because I’m so protective about Cree acting,” Tia said when asked whether her son would appear in the Sister, Sister movie, if it ever happens. She noticed that he’s already familiar with how things work in acting industry. “I will say this: My husband, he was studying for a movie this morning and Cree’s not even three yet and he looks at my husband and he goes, ‘Audition? Dada study.’ He knows the whole routine.”

    She added, “I would love him to be a lot older. So once he’s able to tell me and really understand what he’s saying and say, ‘Mommy I want to act,’ then I wouldn’t mind.”

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