Halle Berry talks baby No. 2, taking on paparazzi

    Halle_BerryHalle Berry said things have gotten better since she took on the paparazzi and won.

    It wasn’t that along ago that the Frankie & Alice star could barely leave her home without being followed by a convoy of photographers and videographers all vying for an image of her toddler, Nahla.

    “Life had become really unbearable. It was an every day, every moment we leave the house situation,” Halle explained to Queen Latifah.

    Halle said things got so bad that her daughter was afraid to leave their home and go to school. What made matters worse were the comments members of the paparazzi would make to prompt an emotional reaction from the family.

    “People buy these magazines and they see all the cute kids, but what people really didn’t understand was what goes into getting these pictures. It was harassment. It was terrorizing. My daughter wouldn’t even leave the house to go to preschool because she knew the men would be out there. They would be aggressive. They would shout things. I was going through a terrible but unfortunate custody case with my daughter’s father, what everybody goes through when they split up, unfortunately. They would shout things to her that were just inappropriate that I found myself having to explain to a 3-year-old that I shouldn’t have to be explaining. They would do anything to get a photo, to get me upset, to get her upset…those are the stories that sell, not the happy stories.”

    Once a judge denied Halle’s request to leave the country and relocate to France, she took matters into her own hands and was successful and getting laws passed that would protect children of celebrities.

    Among other things, the members of the media have to stay a certain distance away. They cannot follow or shout things at the celebrities’ kids.

    “It just got too suffocating for us,” said Halle.

    Thankfully, she won’t have to worry about aggressive paparazzi with her son Maceo.

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