Quad Webb talks rift with Mariah Huq

    QuadWebbEverything seemed fine between Quad Webb and Mariah Huq during the “Married to Medicine” season 1 reunion, but it turns out cracks had already began to form in the former BFF’s relationship.

    Quad said she first began to question her friendship with Mariah when season 1 aired and she was witness to things Mariah said about her when she wasn’t around.

    “When you go back in season 1 and you see that she really is trying to play me knee-high to a grasshopper, like going over to Kari [Wells] and saying, ‘What are we going to do about Miss Quad? She really just doesn’t know how to be a doctor’s wife. We have to teach her. She doesn’t really know any better.’ As a friend, I never would have said those type of things,” Quad explained to Sister 2 Sister. “If you’re my best friend—point blank, period—I’m not going up to anybody asking, ‘What are we going to do about Mariah?’”

    Quad said she was a bit surprised to find out Mariah’s true opinions of her and after hearing them, the friendship was strained.

    “I just thought as a friend, ‘What’s really going on with that?’ Those things hurt. You’re saying you love me, but you are throwing shade at me,” Quad said. “I think I probably had the blinders on and was really loyal to the relationship almost at a detriment to myself. It just came to a point where that relationship was no longer happy for me.”

    According to Quad, that was just the beginning of the end and “Married to Medicine” fans will see the events that led to the end of their friendship when season 2 returns. The premiere airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

    “There was a situation to transpire. You will hear about that and also see it this season,” said Quad. “It was hurtful. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t expecting that from someone who said that she was my best friend and they loved me.”

    Judging by season 2 previews, it seems most of Quad’s co-stars have gravitated toward her and away from season 1 Queen Bee Mariah.

    “We’re not really interested in bees. They sting once and they die,” said Quad who is fine being the breakout star of the series.

    “I don’t really have to consider myself the breakout star because the New York Times has already said that. We’re not even going to take Quad’s word for it. The people have spoken,” she said. “The people have spoken, and they’ve said my name.”

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