Tamar Braxton attacks side chicks on Instagram


    Tamar Braxton has some wondering what’s going on in her marriage after she spoke out about women that go after married men!

    Is everything okay with Tamar and her hubby Vincent Herbert?

    The “All the Way Home” singer has never been one to hold her tongue, but this week she’s been pretty vocal about women who actively try to break up a happy home.

    First she raised a few eyebrows with a Tweetgram, warning her followers to be careful about the company they keep. She also suggested that women stop bragging about what their men do for them. “Stop talking about yo man cause she wants 2 see what u talking bout!” Tamar advised. “Quit trusting chicks who claim they got a man & u never see him she could be talking about yours!”

    Tamar added, “Don’t give her yo mans # da slickness she talking 2yo man about is 2 move u out the way so she can have a place 2 stay!” She captioned the picture below with a long list of hash tags, including “#ifyomamadontlikeherdontyou #stoptellingyobusiness #sitdown #enjoyYOman #shewill”

    Some initially assumed that the Love and War singer was venting about a very personal situation in her own marriage, but she didn’t elaborate.

    On Thursday, however, Tamar had another message about women who like dating unavailable men. Her latest online missive was inspired by another Instagram post, suggesting that ladies should just give up when facing The Other Woman.

    “Saw this & I had to Rp for the women who think this is cute,” Tamar wrote. “Just in case u r the BOMB or u #won cause u cheating with someone’s man…..U #LOST cause u must NOT be all that for a man NOT to claim you and respect&Love you to show you off to the world!”

    There’s a good chance that Tamar isn’t getting sensitive about her own seemingly solid relationship. Some of her followers on Instagram have suggested that she’s simply speaking up about the onslaught of cheating rumors her good friend Tameka “Tiny ” Harris has recently faced.

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