Kevin McCall laughs off restraining order rumors

    Kevin McCall, Eva MarcilleLove isn’t always easy, and Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall seem to be struggling in their relationship and even getting the authorities involved.

    With a 2-month-old daughter in the mix, the two are still in contact despite reports that Eva Marcille recently sought a restraining order against her babydaddy, requiring him to stay 100 yards away.

    TMZ reports that the order was filed on March 28, not long after Kevin violently stormed through the residence, kicking in doors, threatening to hit her and to snatch baby Marley from her arms.

    Whatever the couple went through, it hasn’t seemed to hamper their appreciation for selfies because days later, Eva and Kevin returned to sharing family photos, with the hashtag #familyfirst, on Instagram.

    Kevin didn’t address the rumors directly, but he warned his Twitter followers to beware of what they take to heart.

    “Lmao ppl will say anything about anybody….especially a somebody. Don’t believe the hype this is hilarious,” he wrote.

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