Apollo Nida: There was no affair with Kenya Moore

    Apollo_JamieApollo Nida hasn’t had much to say since he was arrested on charges of bank fraud and identity theft, but he opens up to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown in a big way for the May 2014 issue. He talks about his childhood, his past criminal charges and what he’s facing today. Plus, are he and wife Phaedra Parks still honoring their marriage vows?

    Apollo had so much to share that Sister 2 Sister editors couldn’t fit it all into the issue. So, take a look at the first of several outtakes from the exclusive Q&A. Below Apollo talks about his controversial relationship with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore with whom he’s rumored to have had an out-of-town rendezvous, although Kenya denies it. Apollo explains their relationship.

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    Jamie: What about the stuff with Kenya? Were you texting her? Were you infatuated with her? Does Phaedra even believe that you were infatuated with her?
    Apollo: Yeah, in Phaedra’s mind, she thinks it’s totally disrespectful. But, again, this goes all the way back to the beginning. I never really cared to have a say-so because I didn’t care. But it’s not about just rolling with the flow. I never made her think, “Okay, if I push that button and I go too far, he’s not going to tolerate that.” It’s too late for that now. We’re four years, five years in. So what I’m trying to do now, I’m trying to start putting my foot down.

    So here is where we’re at now, just to take the Kenya situation. No, I wasn’t infatuated with Kenya. Kenya has the charisma. She has the physicality that most men would go for. So when we first met, I was like, “Oh, she’s cool.” And Phaedra was like, “This is my homegirl, whatever. She’s got this going on or that going on, production, blah, blah, blah.” That’s how she portrayed it, like, “This is my homegirl.” I’m like, “Okay, this is your homegirl.” She’s a producer. So that’s how we took off. I wrote and produced all of Nida Fitness. My wife is not the workout guru. No way. We went to it 50/50, me and Phaedra. Kenya comes along with this deal for filming.

    Jamie: And what was the problem with this with Kenya?
    Apollo: There was no transparency. Let’s just say you want me to pay $50,000 for production and then you’re telling me, off of my 100 percent investment, you then want 10 to 20 percent for the life of the product.

    Jamie: Right, right.
    Apollo: That’s your fee for production. What does this life of the product have to do with this over here? It was just real shady. At this point, Phaedra’s pissed. TV’s running rampant with all this bickering back and forth. Storylines are being created. And here it is, I’m in the middle. First, my goal is to get this check, okay? That was what I wanted to do.

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    Jamie: What check?
    Apollo: I’m going to show you. So she has this deal on the table, and then next thing you know, little birdie says, “Oh, well, Kenya’s about to shoot her fitness DVD.” “Oh, really? Okay. How? You don’t have any money. You have a $20,000 distribution deal on the table that you said was for us, so maybe you’re going to use that.” So what I thought about doing was creating another company outside of myself, outside of Phaedra and let them bring the idea to Kenya, lock Kenya to the same type of contract she was going to lock us into. Then I would technically own 60, 70 percent. No one would really know that it’s me. Then, when this whole feud hit the air, man, our sales beat out Jillian Michaels’ top three selling DVDs. They’re like number one in fitness DVD sales.

    Jamie: Really?
    Apollo: So here it is: me and my wife are making all this money over here and we’re still making all this money over here. So then when the reunion hit, it would’ve been like, “Well, I own you.” So that’s where I was at.

    Jamie: That’s the way you were looking at it.
    Apollo: Yeah, that’s where my mind was going. But I wouldn’t be doing business with her. My company would be the ones interacting with this thing, not me. I wouldn’t even be on the paperwork.

    Jamie: Who was asking you why would you do that? Was that Phaedra?
    Apollo: Phaedra was saying this, and really, really, highly, highly, highly upset. And then with the whole texting and stuff like that, I just think that got blown way out of proportion.

    Jamie: Apollo, what did you text her? Were you flirting?
    Apollo: No, no, no. Nothing inappropriate. I think I came from doing a talk show and she was like, “Oh, you looked nice on that talk show.” Maybe I said she did good on the talk show—something like that.

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