Apollo Nida: There was no affair with Kenya Moore

    Jamie: When Phaedra asked you if you were texting her, what did you say?
    Apollo: I don’t think I said anything. The whole texting came out at the reunion. But I kind of figured that was going to come about because I was in the house one day and Kenya and Phaedra were just at it.

    Jamie: This wasn’t being filmed?
    Apollo: No, it wasn’t being filmed, but people were talking on the phone. It was a lot going on. And I said, “Man, this crazy lady might really try to say some stuff.”

    Jamie: Say stuff about you and her?
    Apollo: Yeah, yeah. So lo and behold—

    Jamie: She did?
    Apollo: Yeah.

    Jamie: And none of what she said was true?
    Apollo: Some was and some wasn’t.

    Jamie: What was true, Apollo? [laughter]
    Apollo: What wasn’t true is that I had an affair with Kenya. That was not true.

    Jamie: But were you all teasing? Was there anything Phaedra should’ve been upset about?
    Apollo: I don’t think so. I think you should trust your man. You tell me why would I sit here and have an affair with a woman who, knowingly, she is barely holding on to her life on the TV show? [She] would just use that as ammunition to come back.

    Jamie: When you say “hold on to her life,” is that because her storyline left when her boyfriend left?
    Apollo: Her storyline has been me for two years straight. I’ve been the storyline for this lady.

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