Fantasia offended Kandi Burruss with wedding speech?



    There’s word that Fantasia Barrino’s speech at Kandi Burruss’ wedding ticked off the newlyweds.

    According to, Fantasia was letting profanities fly when she toasted Kandi and Todd Tucker at their wedding on April 4. Overjoyed about her friend’s big day, one guest dished that the “Get It Right” singer forgot that she was in mixed company at a formal affair, letting some foul language slip out of her mouth.

    “Fantasia started by saying, ‘Kandi, you are my m*therf*ckin’ friend and I love you,’” the insider claims. “Then she called Kandi the ‘realest b*tch I know’ and rambled on about her big butt. Todd was furious and the other bridesmaids got Fantasia to sit down. Thank goodness!”

    Supposedly, Fanny’s speech was so bad that the witness would not be surprised if the incident affected her relationship with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” bride.

    “Kandi was horrified!” the source alleged. “She and Fantasia are close, but this may ruin their friendship.”

    Neither Kandi, Todd nor Fantasia have spoken out about the accusations or the current status of their friendship at this time. This doesn’t seem like anything serious enough to end a friendship, though.

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