Monica checks teacher for bullying her son


    Monica knows how to stay in her lane when it comes to children’s teachers, but she nearly got into a fight with a teacher that was bullying her son.

    Don’t think you can lay hands on Monica’s babies and get away with it. The “Love All Over Me” siren admitted that she almost went toe-to-toe with her son Romelo’s foreign language teacher.

    The proud mother of three was talking about her children and their behavior at a recent Box Tops for Education panel discussion. According to Monica, her older son Rodney follows orders, but her younger son Romelo tests her patience with all of his questions. He tends to march to his own beat, at home and in school.

    Though she said both of her sons are good boys, there was an incident with Romelo. He got into trouble with the teacher for not sitting properly at his desk.

    “She decided it was ok to snatch him by his collar and to throw him into the cubicle because he wasn’t sitting in the proper seating position,” Monica explained. “We don’t have the button for me to tell you what type of mom I am when you put your hands on mine and it’s not warranted.”

    She continued, “If you tell him to do something and he’s not done it, that’s a different thing.”

    However, it seems the teacher in question is habitually getting physical with the kids to get them to pay attention and learn. She doesn’t just throw them around, the class has claimed that the teacher has tried to hurt them before. “The children in the classroom began to share these stories of her pinching, pushing, squeezing hands until you get answers correct. She don’t belong ’round mine,” Monica revealed.

    That was enough to send the usually calm, cool and collected songstress into a blind rage.

    “I took a minute. I did not leave my home immediately because I knew my immediate reaction would be one that I didn’t even want my children to see,” Monica said, hinting that she may have gotten physical with Romelo’s teacher. “I had to check me first, and that takes a lot. The new me is a better me. The old me…”

    After Monica got herself under control, though, she was able to handle the situation with an even temper. “I was able to have a conversation with the principal,” Monica said “to say, ‘we should talk with these children and her and assess a situation.'”

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