Tye Tribbett clears up statements on homosexuality

    Tye_TribbettTye Tribbett shared his views on homosexuality in the April 2014 issue, and he wants to re-address statements made on the controversial issue.

    “I don’t condemn homosexuals,” Tye clarified to Sister 2 Sister. “The Bible speaks against [homosexuality], but homosexuals—the person—I don’t condemn.

    The award-winning, highly energetic gospel artist received some criticism for the views expressed in his Q&A with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown.

    Tye, who equated homosexuality with other things that can come natural to some, like a 2-year-old lying about eating a cookie, said he intended to make a hypothetical comparison.

    While some were outraged by Tye’s comments, which many found compassionate towards those with same-sex tendencies, others appreciated his point of view.

    Wrote one S2Smagazine.com user: “[T]hank you for your comment. As a BELIEVER, I was delivered from the homosexual lifestyle, also from sexually immoral relationships outside of marriage. YES, we are…calling it love. That is not love. WHY IS EVERYONE so afraid [to say] what GOD says about certain behaviors?”

    cover_April2014_WendyWilliamsRead Tye’s entire Q&A in the April 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.





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