K.Michelle and Joseline shade Mimi Faust for sex tape


    K.Michelle and Joseline Hernandez are enjoying a hearty chuckle over news that Mimi Faust is about to release a sex tape.

    When news hit yesterday that Mimi had agreed to let Vivid sell her leaked video, few of her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-stars found it as amusing as Joseline. The singer and Mimi have been trading barbs since the show began as they fought over Stevie J. Mimi’s patent move would be to insult Joseline for her past as a stripper.

    With the impending release of Mimi’s sex tape the proverbial shoe is on the other foot, and Joseline leapt at the chance to slam Mimi.

    “If you going o f*ck on camera at least be a freak about it not a boring 45 year old lady. What they got this hoe under. Granny porn?” Joseline wrote on Twitter yesterday. “N n*gga look like he got that Christmas package.”

    She didn’t stop there! The “LHHA” star told her followers on Instagram that she’s not really all that surprised to see Mimi’s wild side on a sex tape. While most fans of the show thought Mimi was a prim and proper business woman, Joseline said she always knew that Mimi was hiding something under her cool exterior.

    Joseline had one last shot before she stopped dragging Mimi. She harped on one of Mimi’s moves in the video, writing, “I’m done!!!! Payback sweet just sit back and crack the f*ck up.”

    K.Michelle also had quite a bit to say about Mimi’s decision to sell her sex tape through Vivid. Flip ahead to clock the shade!

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